Welcome to Mack 3D!


Who is this Guy?

Rob Mack aka DaddyMack… Me… Hi, if you made it here then you’re probably curious as to where all of this tasty brain food comes from… I’ve been working and playing as an artist for over 20 years now, more than 10 of those years in 3d. I’ve spent many years spicing up my life with tangible media, paint, clay, wood, stone and airbrush. In the mid 90’s I started seasoning with industrial and graphic design and in the late 90s started baking it all together with 3d. Currently I am specialising in 3d character pipeline, digital sculpture, 3d printing and art toy design.

Feel free to contact me as above for any information regarding 3d and/or the many related areas I am investigating or just to say Hi. I am very approachable and always looking for interesting clients and like minded creatives

Client Testimonials

“Animated Biomedical Productions recently used Rob Mack’s Zbrush services to produce 6 realistic indigeneous human models. We worked remotely with Rob and communicated via telephone and email. Rob painstakingly detailed, refined and revised each of the models to our specifications. He also helped us refine areas of our pipeline, enabling us to make more effective use of Zbrush in our production. Working with Rob helped us achieve exactly the result we wanted.We are very happy to have found him and look forward to working with him again.”

Peter Mercer_ Senior Animator_ Animated Biomedical Productions